Monday, August 20, 2012

Pure Upscale - Leopard Mesh Dress by DreamGirls

I know what you are thinking.... "Did this girl really review some stripper clothes?"
In all reality, I did.

Upscale Stripper isn't just for exotic dancers. They have a huge selection of intimates, club wear, costumes, shoes and accessories. I loved browsing their online shop. I found some really cute, but sexy nightgowns that I know my hubby would enjoy! I don't know about you, but I dress up for Halloween, as well as costume parties through the year. I am excited to know that they have costumes available all year round. Upscale Stripper also has a wide array of shoes for any night out, clubbing, prom, Halloween or just cause!!

I reviewed the Sexy polka dot mesh halter babydoll set, above. I must say, I was scared to be recieving this in the mail! It takes a million different bras to find the right one! When I recieved this, I knew, there wouldn't be a problem. Most clothing items at Pure Upscale are, "One size fits most". The mesh material was very stretchy. It was slender enough to be sexy, but a loud me to move and breathe. The Mesh halter was very well manufactured. I did not see any imperfections or jumped threads. I was very happy with this dress.

Please take some time to go to Upscale stripper and view their awesome intimates. Your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or hubby will appearicate this purchase!!

Below is the Sexy Leopard Print Stretch Mesh mini dress set. I have to admit... I wanted to keep this for myself! Instead we are going to have a giveaway! Yay!!

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