Monday, July 16, 2012

National Consumer Panel!

I received my Nation Consumer Panel, otherwise known as NCP, scanner today! Yay! This program is a panel of consumers that scan all purchases and transfers the information over the Internet. It helps the company better understand the way America shops! The scanner was very easy to install. The practice scan was very easy too! I am very excited to get this ball rolling!!

The best part is the you earn points for every transfer! The points can be used for things like gift cards, jewelry, electronics, household items, and many, many more! You also get to take short surveys and earn points or ENTRIES into weekly, monthly and quarterly drawings to win $50 to $500 cash, 1 winner every quarter wins his or her choice of 10 prizes from the prize catalog, another lucky quarter winner, gets their choice of the following:
A fantasy vacation, a new car or a lump sum of $20,000 CASH!!!!

Please let me know if you are accepted in and I will announce it on my FB page!!

Good Luck!!  :)