Thursday, February 12, 2015

InstaNatural Retinol cream, Eye gel and serum review | Shiny & New

I have never did much in the way of taking care of my skin. Just the normal, wash, zit cream, make up routine. But turning thirty I figure that if I want to keep my young girl face, then I better start doing something about it! I didn't know the first thing about wrinkle creams, or moisturizers for your eyes and neck!! YOUR NECK?? I have never even give neck wrinkles a first thought, let alone a second!! I took a long look in the mirror and started to freak... maybe I do have some fine lines on my forehead, maybe those bags under my eyes aren't from just being sleep deprived, and again the neck thing... yep it was happening! I guess that's what the past year with a new baby has done to me... took me from looking 25, to BEING 30!!

Thank the lord, InstaNatural came into my life! I have been using these products diligently, every night for the past two weeks. I started with the Vitamin C Eye Serum. It was a fun carrot orange color and the smell wasn't too bad.  I put it under my eyes and it gave a slight cooling sensation. It took a minute to dry and I still needed to rub it in a little so that I didn't have orange tints on my face. It's suppose to brighten you face, reduce puffiness, and etc. Which it might do with longer use.But after a few nights I switched to the Eye Gel.

After my first application of the Eye Gel, I could feel a slight tightening within a few minutes. So of course since I could actually feel it working, I continued to use this through out the remainder of the last two weeks. The Eye gel states that it can be used on your whole face and neck. I just used it around my eye area and a little on my forehead lines.

I have to say that I think the 2.5 Retionol Cream was my favorite of all three. After just two days I started to notice some dryer skin, which for me is a plus because i have oily skin! I did a light exfoliation and with in the first week I had less dark spots, less acne scars, and a blighter complexion. I think that I can even be brave and go without make up now!

I would definitely recommend trying this line from InstaNatural. They can be purchased from Amazon at a much lower price than the suggested retail price. Below are the links!

InstaNatural Eye Serum

InstaNatural Eye Gel  (Love this one!)

InstaNatural Retinol 2.5% Cream (My Fave!)

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